If you’re looking for a post with my first WinMo app, don’t bother.  It didn’t work out too well 🙂  But it did allow me to learn a lot about developing on the .NET platform in C# for Windows Mobile 6 and I was even able to reuse a lot of my code for this app.  I named the program GParkS.  Click to read more…

I called it GParkS because it uses GPS to find where you parked your car like the iPhone app “Dude, Where’s My Car?”  It doesn’t use Google Maps like the iPhone app, but it allows for you to store up to three different locations and give them custom labels (like “Car”, “Home”, etc.) and relies strictly on GPS coordinates provided by the GPS API functions (so if your phone doesn’t have a GPS chip, this probably won’t work for you).  It uses compass directions and the distance between you and the destination to guide you toward it.

I released this program to the masses at the XDA Developers Forum, a community of developers and mobile phone hackers who have banded together to provide custom ROMS, apps, and a whole bunch of great advice to smartphone owners.  I joined the community when I got my first smartphone (or Pocket PC more specifically), the Verizon XV6800 (aka the HTC Titan).  I wanted to make it faster, stronger, more customized, and as optimized as possible and this community really helped me achieve that goal.

You can find my release post at the XDA site here, but unless you join the community you won’t be able to access and download the program.  Thus, I am posting it for you to download here if you’d like.  I will work on a follow-up version that uses arrows instead of compass headings eventually, but no guarantees about when that will be released.  Feel free to contact me with your thoughts.  Enjoy!

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